Mountain Mycoworks

Ambassadors to the Fifth Kingdom



My name is Ben Shepard, founder of Mountain Mycoworks.  During my pursuit of a degree in Sustainable Foods and Bioenergy Systems at Montana State University, I came across the incredible world of Fungi.  As a scientist and steward of the land, an ecological approach to systems design has persisted as a guiding force in my philosophy surrounding agriculture.  This has lead me to exploring the numerous and varied applications of natural processes to address the many issues present within our current agricultural system.  This is where the Fungi come in.  I am consistently blown away as we continue to realize the astounding capabilities of our chitinous neighbors.  From "simply" driving nutrient cycles through decomposition to bioremediation to the potential to aid in the treatments of certain cancers, there's no doubt that Fungi play an indispensable role in the wellbeing of our planet.  In hopes of assisting these organisms in achieving their full potential while giving us humans an opportunity improve our situation, I'm proud to announce the premiere of Mountain Mycoworks!

Mountain Mycoworks is Montana's newest  myco-centric consulting and educational organization.  Our mission is to connect Human systems with Fungal allies so that both worlds may prosper.  Whether you're looking to cultivate edible or medicinal fungi, increase the diversity and health of your habitat, or learn more about the nearly limitless possibilities of partnering with mushrooms, Mountain Mycoworks is here to help.   We will be offering a diverse array of goods and services including consultations, site specific designs, workshops, farm tours, edible and medicinal mushrooms, spawn, substrates, and a variety of other myco-supplies.  We look forward to contributing our knowledge and passion for healthy and diverse systems to anyone with an interest in broadening their horizons through an alliance with the Fifth Kingdom.

In an effort to develop a public presence and establish our domain name, we've gone ahead and launched the site prior to officially commencing business.  In the following months, this site will begin to develop as we do.  In the mean time, please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments that you may have.  Our contact information can be found on both the Home page as well as the Contact page.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Ja Schindler of Fungi for the People.  Ja has been instrumental in taking what was, for me, a budding curiosity and turning it into a real world opportunity.  His love of fungi, promotion of Citizen Scientists, and open source approach to knowledge and information have inspired me to pursue a partnership with Fungi as means to affect change in the world.  Ja's doing some really great things in the realm of mycology.  If you haven't heard of him or his organization, check them out here.

Thanks for checking us out!  We can't wait to see what we can do for you and your future fungal allies!

Ben Shepard