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2014 Radical Mycology Tour

The Radical Mycology Collective is on tour and they're coming to Montana!

Join us Tuesday, October 21st at Broken Ground for a series of workshops presented by the Radical Mycology Collective.  We will explore the complex roles of fungi in ecosystems and how to facilitate fungal, human, and environmental well-being through an enhanced understanding of the Fifth Kingdom.

10am-1pm- Radical Mushroom Cultivation

This is an introductory presentation on the theory and practice behind simple mushroom cultivation indoors or in the garden.  A hands-on component will be included.

6:30-8:30pm- Radical Mycology:Spawning Mycelial Networks

A two hour presentation on the uses of fungi for personal, societal, and ecological healing.  Concepts of fungal ecology and mushroom cultivation are tied with the means of creating resilient lifestyles and communities to present a novel world view based on the cooperative relationships found throughout the fungal kingdom.  This workshop provides a grand overview of the skills and insights behind the Radical Mycology movement, providing a fascinating look into the many ways that fungi can impact the health of the people, societies, and ecosystems of the world.


$10-30 for one workshop

$15-60 for two workshops

Workshops will be presented by Peter McCoy.  Peter is a co-founder of the Radical Mycology Collective as well as a 13 year participant in the mycological community.  He has lectured at such events as the Telluride Mushroom Festival, the Northwest Permaculture Convergence, The Amazon Mycorenewal Project's Art and Science of Mycorenewal Course, among others.  He Believes that fungi can not only help humans on an individual level but that they also provide powerful solutions to global issues.

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